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Dec. 27th, 2008

Ciel (larc_en_me): 660 comments (3.79%), played from 2007-09-19 to 2008-01-10 (114 days at 6 comments/day)

Seventh Holy Scripture, Nanako!

Okay, see the weapon in this picture?

It is also the girl with hooves in this picture:

What does this mean to... most of you? Absolutely nothing. Because you can't see her, even if you know she's there. I'm fairly sure, at most, you can detect that the weapon is spiritual. It's also a book sometimes. Makes it convenient to transport that way.

Basically I'm pulling a Ryuk because there is no way that Seven (or Nanako, if you prefer) will ever get apped. Her entire canon speaking role is limited to a side-story. And even then.... it's not a whole lot to go on. She also can't leave the 'house' that the weapon resides in, except for being near her master. Which in this case is Ciel! Basically she'd be unplayable even if she were appable, as she is entirely dependant and I don't think she'd quite function well if suddenly stripped of that forced dependancy.

Anyhow I went off on a tangent. What I'm trying to say is she is a HOLY SPIRIT being a fusion of both a unicorn spirit and a virgin girl. Total innocence! And she's just there to be Ciel's slave in one way or another.

As far as detecting her, unlike Ryuk, her spirit form (the girl) is invisible/unhearable/uninteractable to anyone that doesn't have a contract with the weapon, which is only doable if you bleed on it in a certain way, etc etc. And even if you do, unless you have mucho magical power you couldn't use it (and at that point, your canon probably provided you with more feasible weapons at your disposal from magic alone orz)

I'm just making a note of it though! I want to use her mostly for crack and such but if you have any questions~ (I totally forgot everything I was going to mention...)


On non-humans

Okay, so Ciel is under orders to eliminate non-human threats.

However, she works solo, and it's entirely up to her disgression. That said, she doesn't much like non-human threats.

For most people, they won't know Ciel is an assassin of sorts and nothing in this post applies to them, but those of you who are undead/vampires/shinigami/demonic or even angelic/etc in nature? ANYTHING NON-HUMAN?

You will ping her so hard. She might be disturbed while talking to you, and later that night stalk you a bit in nun-mode (which she usually only does at night, lol alter ego). She can normally detect these things too, unless there is magical shielding etc going on.

If you're the type of person to attack other campers? She'll jump in and intervene and try to kill you.

If you're the type who doesn't? Well she'll stalk you more until you attack other campers. She doesn't really believe in trusting vampires, and she doesn't think it's worth her time to explain herself to vampires/etc. Obviously she might loosen up a bit when she realizes that not all vampires in camp are like the ones in her world, but I'm putting this up now.

Edit: To clarify, if you're a non-combatant you have nothing to worry about. Superheros as well, as long as you're not a villain this week. If you're more a creature of nature (+Anima/Iaguz/etc) she'll not be concerned with you beyond maybe curiosity.

So here is where you guys come in. Who is non-human? Do any of you have any objections/complaints? Obviously I want to be loose about this, yet IC. I'm not really picky. She'll be surprised about the moogles and this might become mostly moot...unless she wants to kill you for each offense. I also think the shinigami won't bother her if it's ever explained to her. But she's the secretive type.

I probably shouldn't be writing all this at 4am but OH WELL. Please comment to this post so I have a record of who should ping her at the least!

Permission/Stats Meme

Name: Ciel
Age: Probably over 100 years old easy? Physically 18 or so, also most of that time she wasn't exactly in control of herself.
Hair: Blue!
Eyes: Blue!
Height: ??
Weight: ??
Bloodtype: ??

Medical Info: Ah ha ha, this is where it gets complicated. Ciel is immortal, at least at the point where I pulled her. This is due to NATURE ITSELF keeping her alive so-- there really isn't any way around that. I'm talking about stronger than Wolverine-level regeneration here. However, if you say...stab her and leave the weapon in? She won't heal that wound until the knife is removed, etc etc.

Other than that, she looks like a perfectly healthy highschooler! She wears glasses but she does not need them at all, they're fakes!

Physical Traits: Unseen until activated, Ciel has pretty wing/cross/STUFF tattoos ALL OVER her body which apparently increase her magical ability. She typically only does this to use the Seventh Holy Scripture, a huge weapon that kills undead...dead. Other than that she's fairly normal as far as physical traits.

What's Okay To Mention: Most anything? If it's something she doesn't think matters, it won't matter.

Note For The Psychics:: As one of the Burial Agency, Ciel has special training and abilities that would block most psychic attempts, whether to read her mind or with illusion. This is not fail-safe, as an incredibly strong psychic intrusion/barrier will get through. By strong I mean near the level of 'reality warping'. Reality Marbles sofun to explain :D. Anyhow, in the case you get through, or even surface thoughts Ciel is cold. There is a bit of personality/life in her, but she's constantly forbidding herself to be happy due to guilt. That said, if it involves curry? She'll be genuinely mad/angry/happy. As there isn't a Shiki Tohno in camp, she won't be truly warming up to people for a while, at least, in reality. She'll act like she is!

Abilities Lots!

Superhuman feats: Can run up the sides of buildings, has amazing balance, can move faster than a normal person can see. If serious, could knock down walls. Can fight with the strongest being in existence (in her canon - the True Ancestor) and hold her own for a while before being killed (temporarily).

Weapons: Uses 'conceptual' weaponry, meaning weaponry that does lasting damage to the undead. Meaning if you normally heal it back immediately? It's going to take a bit longer to heal this back, long enough to lose you a fight. This applies to herself as well, if used against her. The conceptual weapons she has are some Black Keys, which are basically sword hilts with blades made from sorcery, which she typically holds three of in each hand (and they're about longsword length...) and often throws them. If they land on your shadow, you're immobilized. The second is the Seventh Holy Scripture, which is actually a book with the soul of a unicorn and a maiden, when in weapon form takes a form based on the user. In Ciel's case it's a huge pile bunker thing. Basically a huge rocket-propelled stake bayonet.

Hypnosis: Has the ability of suggestion, usually doesn't go much further than 'Don't doubt Ciel!', making people a bit more comfortable with her even though she's outlandish. This cannot force people to think differently if their thoughts are strong on the matter.

Barriers: Has the ability to make an area 'off limits' meaning that those outside of the area while under this affect don't feel like going in the area. This could be part of her hypnosis ability, but it seems to interfere with electricity?

Healing: She has healing abilities! That she will use if she sees fit. As in, she can also heal other people.

Regeneration: Nature itself brings her back to life, if you're familiar with Wolverine or Laura, it works very much the same way, except there's no limit, even if none of her remains, she'll get brought back. It's a unique thing in her world too.

Detection: Has the ability to notice non-humans in the area, as well as incoming threats. Nothing advanced like a spider-sense. Also has an incredibly good sense of smell.

Magic: Most of her abilities here can be attributed to magic, but if ever I get more canon she may have even more abilities. She's one of the strongest people in her canon, and probably the most versatile.

Cosplay: Can make costumes really well. Her nun costume was made by herself!

Shapeshift/bodyswap/etc.: Actually, bodyswapping would probably be a bad idea for her mindset, at least for the time being.

Hugging/Kissing/Nicknaming: She's not a horribly touchy-feely person, and might yell at you for doing that without asking. But otherwise it's good!

Fighting: I imagine Ciel is on the upper level in camp-strength, not quite saiyan level, but above the ninjas at least, with speed, agility, and strength. Add in her regenerative factor and she is untiring in a fight. However, she'll only fight non-undead/non-vampires if provoked with lethal force.

Maiming/Killing/Death: She can't die, so no problem. The best you can hope for is that you've damaged her to the point where she might take a while to fully regenerate. She'll likely not wait that long if she's trying to fight you though, and go after you as soon as she can.

Cooking: Actually she's very good at cooking! She can cook more than just curry... but mostly only cooks curry.


I actually wrote two apps for Ciel, first, the one I sent in:

Your Name/Alias: Comic
Age: 21
Character: Ciel
Series: Tsukihime
Character Age: Third year Japanese high-school student.
Canon: Ciel is a stubborn, caring senior, meaning that she'll take an underclassman under her wing is she sees that he's in trouble, insisting that she's not really doing if for his sake, but for hers. She's rather kind-hearted, and seeing things in trouble/broken make her want to fix them, otherwise they bother her to the point of total distraction. The only solution of course is to take matters into her own hand. Secretly however, and she's good at keeping secrets unless caught off guard- in which case her excuses rarely make sense, she is a superpowered fighting nun with amazing regeneration powers, who fights mainly by throwing swords.

You might say she's... Fighting evil by moonlight, eating curry by daylight, defending that meal with her own life~! She's the one named Agent Ciel~

Sample Post:

Goodness, a summer camp? A fairly large one at that... it has a fully operational hospital, a store, a mess hall, and plenty of cabins... but ignoring that, it's nearly fall, what is everyone still doing here? Oh, you're wondering why I'm here? That would be of course, due to swamp gas.

You don't believe me? That's rude of you to say! Do I look like the kind of upperclassman that would lie to her juniors? Of course not, I thought you'd come to your senses-- No? ... Well, if you absolutely must know the truth, I was reading the local newspaper when it hit me, my horoscope told me to 'try new things'! You mustn't force a lady to say such things! Ah! Excuse me, that sound you just heard? Ignore it. No, it wasn't my stomach grumbling. Besides, don't you think the decorations in the Mess Hall are a little strange? I can see how a disco ball...could theoretically be useful, like for a dance, but... flashing colored tiles? I can imagine that would get distracting during meals, if not a pain on the eyes.

What's that? It's 'Soul Train' hour? I don't know about that, the dancers don't seem very, locomotive. If I didn't know better, I'd say they're zombies, beings of undeath that shouldn't be allowed to exist in reality, but that's just the theme of the dance, correct? After all, there's no way such things could really exist for long. I don't see why you'd have a theme dance when it's so dark in here other than the-- ah, sorry, I was blinded by the light for a moment there, where was I? Oh right,
other than the laser show you've distastefully added to the decor, you can barely tell they're in costume. This would be the perfect moment for me to slip in. No, I said join in, are you sure you're hearing me correctly? Must be the swamp gas again. What do you mean I can't join in because... they're contagious? I can't say I've heard of 'Saturday Night Fever', especially on a Friday night! I won't accept your excuses, I may be a girl but I have faith in my immune-- eh?! I can take part of the buffet?

Speak up. Did I hear you correctly? Tonight is also 'Indian' night? Because the cook thought you said that instead of 'undead', I see.
Oh, this smell... could it be? It is! I couldn't mistake the scent of cumin and cardamom! I do think that I just might take a part of your buffet-- you're just trying to distract me. Don't deny it, it seems to me like you're just trying to 'curry' my favor.

Where are you going!? Of course I'm offended, but this and that are separate things! Yay curry~!

NOW, the one I wrote first, with her agent voice, just for fun!

Your Name/Alias: Comic
Age: 21
Character: Ciel
Series: Tsukihime
Character Age: Passes for a 3rd year, physically 17-18?
Canon: Ciel is a woman with two faces, her calm, friendly 'sempai' side that happens to be the only member of the Tea Ceremony Club, and the colder, ruthless side of her that is an agent of the "Burial Agency", an assassination group with the Catholic Church behind it. These two sides aren't entirely seperate of each other, either, leading to moments where they bleed in to each other. Perhaps this lead to rumors of her being the 'Shadow President' of the student council?

At school, Ciel spends most of her time helping out different clubs at school, teachers, and even fixing various things she sees that need to get done, because she just can't leave them be. She doesn't claim to be doing it to help people, insisting that she is being selfish, and is doing these things for her own sake. Her tranquil demeanor is very calming to those that know her, but they also know that she has a sharper side if you find the right buttons to push. For example, she has an incurable love for curry, whether it be by itself, in the form of curry bread, or curry udon, but there is no quicker way to push her buttons than to insult her most beloved meal.

However, while that side of her isn't exactly an act, her true personality is very down-to-business. Her business? The night-time extermination of non-human threats such as demons, vampires, and the Dead, the shambling zombie servants of said vampires. Oh, and she does this while dressed up as a nun. She made the costume herself, but it's not cosplay, you know. Don't let her quirky side fool you however, wielding three throwing swords per hand and amazing regeneration abilities, she's the best at what she does.

Note: "True Ancesor" refers to Arcueid, one of the True Ancestors of vampires, whom Ciel has a type of rivalry with.

Sample Post:

My, I wonder what it was that they had to call me onto special assignment? To leave the True Ancestor unchecked back home... well I won't speak of such things here. Is this really all there is? I can't believe they'd call me to exterminate all these Dead, although the chimeras are interesting. Hmm, where are they coming from, anyway? For a vampire to have created a lair here and to have prospered so much without being checked by the church, really, what have they been doing? There seems to be more than just the Dead here, too, I've spotted a few ghouls, and quite a few things I'm sure are just mutations from the lair itself.

Goodness, it seems like the vampire here was expecting me, and prepared a little welcoming party, and while it's good to be a good host, I can't approve of his taste. Leisure suits? Quite frankly, disco is dead, but I suppose that wouldn't mean much to a vampire either. Well, we'll see how good these Dead are at Stayin' Alive at the end of this Saturday Night Fever. I haven't been called 'Greased Lighting' Ciel before for nothing, you know! Or at least that's what I would normally say, but it seems I've underestimated my opponent. I seem to have contracted 'disco fever' and can't stop doing the 'Hustle'. Ah-, the disco ball is firing lasers... how tasteless. If you're going to use lasers, it should be more industrial, or more ridiculous. Oof-! They're high-powered after all, so I guess I should give credit where credit is due.


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